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Welcome to Swept - Chimney sweep in Huntingdon

Swept is a family owned and run business with ICS registered sweeps. Based in Thrapston, we operate in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Peterborough, Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire.

“A chimney should be swept at least once a year - this prevents chimney fires and inefficient burning”

It is advised that chimneys are cleaned after a period of prolonged disuse and before the end of the heating season. This ensures that the chimney is clear of animal nests and prepared for the idle period.If a chimney is used very often it may be necessary to sweep it more reguarly.

A clean chimney prevents chimney fires and inefficient burning. Blockages in gas fires can cause the release of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. After sweeping your chimney a trained chimney sweep can advise an optimum cleaning schedule.

Chimney Sweeping Schedule

Smokeless Coal: At least once a year
Bitumous Coal: Twice a year
Wood: Once a season
Oil: Twice a year
Gas: Twice a year